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Debuts JANUARY 2024

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How Does It Work

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If you have that great idea or prototype, please click the Submit button. There, you’ll answer a few questions, sign the Terms and Conditions, and send us a 1-2 minute video describing, showing or displaying your idea or prototype.

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Vince’s team will review your submission to see if it has what it takes to make it to step 3, if it does congratulations you're on the show! If not, we'll have one of our affiliate's consultants contact you about other options to apply before it gets on the show.

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If the idea or prototype has the potential we're looking for, then be ready to get on the show. Vince and his team will get to work to help launch it to the masses.

Why Work With Us?

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Many Previous Successful Projects

Network of people

Access to leading industry experts

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We all share the profits

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Here's some suggestions on how you can film yourself!

You can show us where you were when you came up with the idea, who was there, and what transpired from there. If possible, demonstrate how it solves a problem or how it improves something or someone's life.

Vince loves humor, edgy or even campy, so if there's some interesting tidbit that you think might get a laugh on the product that always helps too!

Keep some of these points in mind, remember you’re not only pitching it to Vince but to our fans so if you want to do something off the wall, or you’re thinking of something even better than our suggestions, please do because Vince's motto is “always take risks and try new things”!

So good luck and we hope to see you soon!

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It's simple! Just review & accept the contestant terms below & then send us your idea

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